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  Carla Åhlander
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  Daniela Finke
  Ana Gruden
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  Marcella Müller
  Lucia Nimcová
  Justyna Ptak
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  Gloria Zein
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_11 women-artists from Central and Eastern Europe

Carla Åhlander (Sweden)carla ahlander has long been dealing with the behaviour of male football fans after the game. Her work shows a very female perspective on the surroundings of football stadiums.

Edit Blaumann (Hungary)interner link

Daniela Finke (Germany)interner link By treating them digitally Daniela Finke gives her pictures a picturesque, almost impressionistic impression. With her camera she follows the successful German players of Turbine Potsdam.

Ana Gruden (Slovenia)interner link is interested in the media presence of football players in Maribor, the football stronghold of Slovenia. She herself will take on the role of a football fan in several short films.

Alzbeta Jungrová (Czech Republic)interner link In her portraits Alzbeta Jungrová focuses on women who are connected with football in a variety of ways: as ticket vendors, football players and fans.

Katrin Korfmann (The Netherlands)interner link filmed football players on the pitch with a video camera. With specific timing she chooses stills and compiles them into a picture sequence. The overall picture becomes a glowing object in an electric cradle.

Marcella Müller (Germany)interner link works as a landscape photographer traditionally with a large picture camera (13x18 cm). In secluded places in Germany, England and Malaysia she captures the melancholy of empty football pitches.

Lucia Nimcová (Slovakia)interner link

Justyna Ptak (Poland) approaches the topic inspired by the style of the famous photo pioneer Eadweard Muybridge (1830 - 1904) studying the movement of football players.

Zohreh Soleimani (Iran)interner link After the Iranian football team qualified for the 1998 World Cup Zohreh Soleimani was able to photograph women in public as enthusiastic football fans in the Teheran Azadi stadium for the first time.

Gloria Zein (Germany)interner link received a commission for a project on the topic 'football' from a Swiss sports journalist and art collector. She took Homer's story of the Trojan war as a literary guide and transferred the battle for Helena onto the terrain of the football game.

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