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3xF. Fußball_Frauen_Fotografie
offers the female perspective on the wide field of football an international forum. 11 women-artists from 9 Central and Eastern European countries dedicate themselves to the world's most popular male sport. With unusual points of view 3xF. Fußball_Frauen_Fotografie enriches the cultural playing field of the mega-event, the 2006 World Cup of Football in Germany.

Many women are interested in football but for the most part they aren't asked. But for some time now they haven't just been on the sidelines of the active football scene. Proof of this are the great successes of Germany's national women's football team which won the world cup in 2003. Nonetheless women are only hesitantly recognised as a target group in this popular sport. So too artistic photography on the topic of football is still a male domain. Nevertheless it is especially young female photographers who are increasingly attracted to motifs around the world of football. The project 3xF. Fußball_Frauen_Fotografie has chosen 11 of them and is encouraging them to grapple with the topic using their individual techniques of photography or video.

Whether it's the play of the dynamic women on the Turbine Potsdam football team or Europe's attractive national team players which attract an increasing number of female fans in front of the television or into the stadiums is a matter of opinion. The fact is women's interest in the world of football and its diverse community aspects is increasing. The exhibition 3xF. Fußball_Frauen_Fotografie picks up on this and presents artistic perspectives by women - appreciative and critical, thoughtful or ironic - on a (still) male dominated sport.

   3xF. Fußball_Frauen_Fotografie   photo exhibition Berlin 2006   © Judith Metz