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_3xF in the 'Europe train 2006'
3xF is coordination partner of 'Europe train 2006' - a project with the MitOst registered society. From April 24th to May 1st 2006 the 'Europe train 2006' will travel as a special train from Berlin through six Eastern Europe train 2006 European countries in order to bring the European idea into cities where people still consider the EU to be a speed train passing them by.
The 42 passengers are from all participating countries and will present cultural programs such as exhibitions, readings, concerts or podium discussions at train stations. Europe will be presented as a 'market of opportunities' in the train and at all train stations; a Europe which thrives due to the diversity of its citizens.

Within the context of the 2006 World Cup of Football in Germany the project 3xF will jump on the 'Europe train 2006' and will present itself as a poster exhibition with motives from the subsequent photo exhibition in Berlin at the train stations at Ceské Budejovice/Budweis (Czech Republic), Maribor (Slovenia), Pécs (Hungary), Kisice (Slovakia), Krakow (Poland) and Zgorzelec/Görlitz (Poland). Every artist will be on location and will represent her home country as part of the project 3xF. Fußball_Frauen_Fotografie.

The 'Europe train 2006' is a project of the MitOst e.V.MitOst e.V., registered society of the German Association for Foreign Policy in Berlin and the Edith Stein Society Breslau.

_Europe train 2006 - Stop over in:
Berlin (Germany) start 06-04-24
Ceské Budejovice (Czech Rep.) 06-04-24
Maribor (Slowenia) 06-04-25
Pécs (Hungary) 06-04-26
Košice (Slovakia) 06-04-27
Krakow (Poland) 06-04-29
Zgorzelec/Görlitz (Poland) 06-04-30
Berlin (Germany) 06-05-01

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